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and such a son-in-law, like no one ever saw, the tailor motel kamzoil *clap clap*


idk if I can really describe my love of this show? It just...means a lot to me, for some reason, which is kind of weird because it's not hugely relevant to my life, nor did I see it at a really important time for me or anything. I just love it a lot? It was one of the first musicals I ever saw, and -- I don't know, it brings back a lot of good memories. Weirdly, for all that it's actually quite a sad musical, there's something really joyful about it that comes across every time I watch. I JUST LOVE FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, YES.

One of the things this production did was actually have it open after the end of the story -- Tevye starts telling what happened while in line to get on the boat, and at the end of the show, it shows them all lining up again, just like the beginning. And -- this may sound sort of weird, maybe it's a personal thing -- but for me, that image was just really powerful? All those people with their suitcases and their 1900s clothes and idk, I'm a huge nerd for Ellis Island stories and it just reminded me really strongly of all the pictures you see there and my own family history and!!! It was a very powerful image so A+ Portland Center Stage!!!

(I just looked it up and apparently Ellis Island has been closed since Hurricane Sandy. BOO. The immigration museum is actually one of my favorite places ever, and I was actually hoping to go there this summer, since the last time I was there I was too young to really ~appreciate~ all the history. Oh, well.)

Also, you know, when I was little I was way into Chava/Fyedka because FORBIDDEN LOVE!!! Nerdy bookworm love!!! Now, though -- like, I still ship it, but I was kind of weirded out by how she was all, "Yo, I don't really want to talk to you" and he's like, "Well, we're going to be friends anyway, also I'm going to lend you this book and we are going to discuss it so there" like man, Fyedka, can you really not see why she might not want to talk to you? Also, when he asks if she feels about Russians the way they feel about Jewish people (which is not an equal comparison anyway), and then he's like, "I didn't think you would" because that??? Is one of my least favorite things ever?? Like when people are like "You don't seem like that kind of person" or w/e because WOW you don't know the other person at all so how would you even know, also please don't try to make someone do what you want by manipulating them into ~proving you wrong~, you know? IDK THESE ARE MY FEELINGS. Like I still love Chava/Fyedka but!!!! Be less creepy Fyedka!!!!

On the flip side, I am like 100000% percent more into Perchik/Hodel because MY SLAP-SLAP-KISS BABIES. And their forbidden dancing UST is so good and I totally didn't realize it until I saw it now (because I actually haven't seen a production of Fiddler since I was like 15, and I only saw the movie like yesterday). I O-PRECIATE THEM A LOT MORE NOW THAT I'M OLDER, BASICALLY.

Tevye is still one of my favorite characters ever. Like!! I have Tevye feelings you guys!! On the other hand, on the other hand, TRADITION; he's so flawed and conflicted re: Chava bUT REALLY REALISTICALLY??? Because of course what he does to Chava is shitty, and of course it's like -- why is he choosing his religion over his daughter? At the same time, it's also because it's a culture, and the way they live their lives, and it's in danger of being wiped out from all sides and that, I think, is really the conflict. AND YEAH!!! Also "As the good book says, when a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick...WELL, SOMEWHERE IT SAYS SOMETHING ABOUT A CHICKEN!" (That last sentence is basically my entire family re: our knowledge of the Bible tbh.)

Also-also, "PLEASE DON'T SHOUT AT ME REB TEVYE" or, I am basically the tailor Motel Kamzoil (*clap clap*)

I've also been watching Sleepy Hollow because REVOLUTIONARY WAR!!! TIME TRAVEL!!! It's like they know me. (Like, let me tell u a story: the first fanfic I ever wrote was for Liberty's Kids, wherein the characters time-traveled to 2003 [bc it was 2003 when I wrote it] and were scandalized by the present day. So I mean, this has been a thing with me for A VERY LONG TIME.)

And so the show is silly and campy and ridiculous, but also so much fun, and the characters are all so good and even better together (idk that I ship Ichabod/Abbie, but tbh Katrina is...not holding my interest) ALSO DIVERSITY??? I'M SO EXCITED. And like, the history is so, so bad -- witch burnings in the 1780s? Middle English in the 1600s? Dude, no (at the same time, my ling nerd was ALL OVER hearing Middle English on TV at all) -- that is, when it's not being outright stupid (George Washington was fighting the Four Horsemen! That's what the Revolutionary War was all about, obvs). And yet it's so dorkily fun that I don't even gaf. My Catholic self also understands way more of the religion aspect than she really wants to.

Also this will sound really dumb, but one of the things I love most about history is the mundane details. Like, how did people have fun? What did they do all day? What expectations did they have for their futures? What about the present day would confuse them? Horrify them? Excite them? So watching Ichabod flail around in the 21st-century is just so, so much fun to me (his horror over the tax on donuts was glorious, as was him discovering running water/indoor plumbing) and like. I legitimately will never get tired of watching that. (Also, "FAREWELL...YOLANDA", I just can't with this show.)

Also-also, Abbie Mills is an irl goddess and I love her so hard. And Jenny! Hi, Sonya!!! How r u doing Sonya!!! (Although it does bum me out that the reason Lyndie Greenwood probably has time for SH is because Nikita is over. *SOB*)


Also it's fall in Portland and I'm dumb and missed it when it was at its prettiest, but have some pictures anyway:



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