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the pasta monster
20 January 2020 @ 08:57 pm
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Friends only. Comment, add, be added, etc. I just want to know who is reading this.

the pasta monster

idk if I can really describe my love of this show? It just...means a lot to me, for some reason, which is kind of weird because it's not hugely relevant to my life, nor did I see it at a really important time for me or anything. I just love it a lot? It was one of the first musicals I ever saw, and -- I don't know, it brings back a lot of good memories. Weirdly, for all that it's actually quite a sad musical, there's something really joyful about it that comes across every time I watch. I JUST LOVE FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, YES.

'money is the world's curse!' 'then may god smite me with it!! AND MAY I NEVER RECOVER!!!!'Collapse )


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the pasta monster
14 September 2013 @ 02:08 am
Because I didn't want to make my last entry ridiculously long. (Three entries in one day? It's like 2008 in here tbh.)

orphan blackCollapse )

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the pasta monster
10 March 2013 @ 01:15 pm
So in the latest "Emily is an idiot" news, I lost my ID card, which has my bus pass sticker for the term on it. I reported it to TriMet and they sent me an overwhelmingly helpful email that basically went "SORRY IT'S NOT IN OUR INVENTORY BYE" and ugh, I want to ~believe~ that someone will pick it up and turn it in to either Trimet or the school because it has my name and school on it, but what are the chances? So I'll probably have to get a new one but I can't log into the account that controls them because somehow my password is wrong and apparently I never confirmed my email address back in freshman year, so I can't use the reset password function? UGH I DON'T KNOW. WHAT IS MY LIFE.

The only comfort is that it's almost the end of the term and I never go anywhere anyway, so the bus pass didn't go to waste.

I have so so much to do and absolutely no time to do it or even organize my thoughts into anything resembling coherency. The end of the term is always like, "Just kill me," I guess, so it's really nothing new. But it creeps up on me every time.


i want to get out some lost girl rambles before the next episodeCollapse )

no, i'm not like the other girls, or, why historical fiction is so hard for me to read nowCollapse )

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the pasta monster
28 January 2013 @ 12:20 pm
I have now downgraded to a basic account so anyone who is browsing the Internet without Adblock will not be destroyed by the hideousity of my layout (which is new! yay!). GOODBYE, SWEET ICONS. Not that I used half of them anyway. Also apparently we're now in a new ~era~ of icons where they are actually supposed to represent your emotions and not just the fandoms you are in. I AM PERMANENTLY STUCK IN 2006, OKAY. I still have yet to un-romanize the majority of my Japanese music. WHEN DID ACTUALLY USING THE KANA BECOME A THING. WHERE WAS I.

Anyway. Lost Girl came back, and it's time for EMILY HAS A LOT OF FEELINGS, ROUND TWO.

idk what to do with this show sometimesCollapse )


you win or you die, also they are drawing from a very limited pool of actors hereCollapse )

also i have something of a life. sort of.Collapse )
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the pasta monster
22 September 2011 @ 08:32 pm
You guys



"hey, where's darkest knight?" shut up

(also i still kind of have a crush on joe hardy)

(i told melissa this and she told me that he sounds like the gay one ;_;)

(also i can't understand 2/3 of dunkles nest but based on the title alone it's probably better more hilarious than dark nest)

(also also chicha morada is the best thing ever i am in love)
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the pasta monster
Saw WSS at the Orpheum last night. Rambly review (mostly for Megan) under the cut.

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the pasta monster
09 August 2010 @ 10:52 pm
So I got back from New Jersey, slept for about two days straight, and now I am back. (I thought we came back a day earlier than we did and I was TERRIFIED that I had slept through a whole day. I didn't. Thank God.)

It was fairly uneventful (though really, really hot) and I spent both the flight going and the flight coming back in front of these European families (one was German, the other was Dutch) who kept babbling away in German/Dutch (one was a little kid who kept going "ES IST NICHT FLAUSCHIG!!" which I learned from TVTropes is "IT'S NOT FLUFFY!!"; I guess he was taking issue with his pillow or something). SO YEAH.



GOT A ROCKET IN YOUR POCKET? This line was probably less dirty in the 1950s. Probably.Collapse )

Also, I am totally late to the party, but PROP 8 WAS OVERTURNED, TAKE THAT SISTER ROSALIE.
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the pasta monster
13 July 2010 @ 10:51 pm
SO! I just got back from seeing Peter Pan at the ferry building and OMG. It was so so good. I love the Peter Pan story and this version was awesome. EXCEPT FOR A FEW POINTS OF CONTENTION WHICH I WILL GET TO LATER.

The theater was basically a big tent. It was pretty small, with all the seats really staggered so you could see everything no matter what. The stage was circular with all the seats surrounding it, which allowing them to do AWESOME TECH THINGS LIKE PROJECTING THE BACKGROUNDS ONTO THE TOP OF THE TENT AND MAKING YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE FLYING OVER LONDON AND UNDERWATER WITH MERMAIDS AND THINGS.

Things that bothered me:
  • Tinkerbell's speech. BUT FIRST, A STORY. I was looking at the playbill and was like, "Aw, regular Tinkerbell is kind of old-looking. How am I supposed to pretend she is an adorable fairy? Her understudy is pretty cute though." AND THEN HER UNDERSTUDY WENT ON. Aaaah I am psychic. Anyway, her speech. Idk what was up with it, they did this thing where she speaks in short sentences and when she's mad she makes this crazy hissing noise. Like when she was telling the Lost Boys to shoot Wendy she descends from the rafters hissing "Sssshhooooot the Weeeennnnndybiiiiirrrrdd~~" and it was...really weird. Like, it made Tinkerbell seem kind of...not human? I MEAN, I KNOW SHE'S A FAIRY BUT IT WAS NOT CUTE. >_< I WANT TINKERBELL TO BE ADORABLE, I CAN'T HELP IT.
  • Tiger Lily spoke in really broken English and performed a ~sexy dance~ for Peter because he saved her life. IT WAS REALLY AWKWARD. Though it did lead to an awesome part where Wendy gets mad and is like, "TINKERBELL WOULD DANCE FOR YOU TOO IF SHE KNEW HOW!" and Tinkerbell sits up and like wiggles around on the floor. It was cute. Omg I love Tinkerbell ♥ (I shipped Peter Pan/Tinkerbell when I was like six, SHUT UP.)
  • Everyone looked reaaaally old. This shouldn't really come as a surprise, like, who is going to sign off their thirteen-year-old to swing around from wires from the rafters and shit and so on, but omg it is hilarious to watch a thirty-year-old woman run around squealing in a crazy high pitched voice "PETAH, WE MUST GO HOME!!" John was at least twenty, I'm sure. HE HAD STUBBLE, I CANNOT SUSPEND MY DISBELIEF THAT MUCH.

    Things that were awesome:
  • THE TECH, MY GOD. I want to tech for this show. Lights! Flying! Ridiculous projections of London and underwater and all sorts of crazy shenanigans and it goes spinning around and you can tell it's not real but it FEELS real and it is amazing. ALSO, LIGHTS. They were amazing. They were coming from everywhere even from under the stage. It was incredible.
  • Tinkerbell. Just...Tinkerbell. Creepy as fuck but still adorable and she was wearing a pink ruffly skirt with LIGHTS IN IT. And lights in her hair. And her tantrums were so cute even if she was totally frightening.
  • Peter was a total brat and threw a shitload of tantrums and was generally unlikeable but his actor is kind of hot WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME but that was the point, I'm pretty sure, so whatever. (Also he and Tinkerbell were totally adorable and no I have not let go of them after 10 years, why do you ask.)
  • Captain Hook and Smee were perfect. Hook was the perfect combination of menacing and hilarious and I love him. "WHY IS THAT CROCODILE THE ONLY FEMALE THAT HAS EVER SHOWN INTEREST IN ME?!" Also omg when he died I teared up a little, ngl. It was so sad and he was the villain ugh Captain Hook why are you so awesome?
  • I was trying not to cry at the end when Mrs. Darling finds Wendy and John and Michael home but I did a little anyway. MY HEART D:
  • Also teared up when Wendy was like, "Michael is a big soldier now" because my friend told me that Michael totally dies in World War I between Peter Pan movies. OMG. :(

    That said, it did bother me a lot that all the "children" were played by actors that were that much older -- I don't know, all the seats were really close so you can really see how old they were, and look, watching a bunch of twenty- and thirty-year-olds slide around on the floor all TELL US A STORY, MOTHER and WON'T YOU LOOK AFTER US LIKE YOUR VERY OWN CHILDREN? :D? :D? was like...eh. It was just hard to even pretend when half of them had stubble. You know?

    Also for some reason you can totally eat in the theater and they were selling popcorn and candy and I felt totally weird eating during a show but the popcorn was so good. :(

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